Solar & Heat Rejection


“ASWF reduces the solar heat by up to 84%”


You DON’T  have to hide behind heavy curtains or room-darkening shades for relief from the sun. Keep your home bright and open to outdoor views with our solar films. They reflect away harsh UV rays, heat and glare, noticeably improving comfort and helping protect furnishings. Varying levels of insulation help keep energy use under control in any climate, too. Our solar window films also do nice things for your home’s exterior. You can maintain your current look or update it, with options from clear to tinted and even mirrored.

With anti-heat window film there will be no more problems with the penetration of heat and the glare of the sun coming through your windows. That can mean a lot of difference to your comfort. Solar controlling window films block as much as 84 percent of the sun’s heat before it even enters your home. Now that is good news to anyone who understands how hard it is to keep up with high energy bills. By blocking the heat before it enters your home, you will be saving lots of money because your cooling system will not have to work so hard. Just think about what that will mean to you particularly if you are part of the “green” movement.